From the Dream to Reality

I had to work for a long time abroad.
Almost seven months, and I never had the chance to go home.
We had heard over the phone, but we know it's different to stay close, especially if you love each other.
Every now and then we would do a video call when you were alone and there were not our boys.
We wanted to see each other in our intimacy as we had not had the opportunity to do it for some time.
You put yourself in bed naked and even I was naked on the other side of the world.
But at that moment we were closebut only virtually.
With the telephone we framed our naked bodies and we felt very complicit in our secret.
I was the one who took the initiative and told you what to do.
I made you touch the nipples with my hand and I saw them swell.
Meanwhile, I took my member in my hand and started massaging it.
He was getting stiffer and harder to look at you while you touched the nipples.
Then I told you to take your hand on your pubis and frame the phone.
Slowly you started massaging yourself where your hairs begin to cover the vagina.
And the more you massaged and the more excited you.
At that point I told you to put a finger inside your mouse.
And you did it diligently.
I saw your wet finger come in and out of you and I was getting more and more excited.
You smanettavi more and more, I told you a few erotic phrases to make you go into raptures.
"love, imagine that instead of the finger there is me"
"your vagina is beautiful" "makes me horny to die".
At that point you answered:
"yes my love, I want you inside me, I imagine that I slowly put it on and I enjoy it!"
I come darling I come!"
So you came first.
Then once you were relaxed, you asked me to look at myself while I was masturbating.
This time it was you who told me some hot phrases to excite me.
"Love, imagine that it is there with you and you take it in your mouth.I would start to lick everything, from the testicles to the tip and then put it all in my mouth until it reaches the throat.It would disappear inside me. bird, I would fill it with saliva, I would work with my tongue well to drive you crazy, and you would begin to moan for your enjoyment.
Then I would tell you: from darling, I want you to discharge your pleasure into my mouth. I want to hear you as you come and flood my tongue and my palate. Your hot cum ... I would keep in your mouth a little savoring the moment and then swallow all your cream like honey. I would not leave even a drop. "
At this point, masturbating faster and faster, I started to cum and you looked at my cell phone while I was splashing and you felt good because you had reciprocated the pleasure.
So every now and then we recovered a part of our intimacy.
But we were dissatisfied for not being able to make love.
Finally after a long time I was able to go home for the first time.
I was happy to see you and the boys again.
That evening we all went out to dinner together.
I wanted to celebrate my return after a long absence.
We all hugged together.
Then we took our daughter to her apartment and the baby was already tired and was bobbing in the car.
As soon as I got home,I put him to bed and he was already sleeping soundly.
Summer was starting. After a cold winter the temperature was getting warmer and you could start to feel the warmth of the sun that had been so long awaited.
We were tired of heavy sweaters.
You were happy to finally be able to wear those long dresses that you like so much. Show your beautiful legs and the neckline that made your breasts stand out.
And indeed I was proud to see you like that, to have such a sexy wife that many men envy them.
And your body now finally no longer covered by winter clothes, it excited me a lot. So that evening we went to bed naked.
I was very tired for the trip and collapsed asleep.
That night I was dreaming something, or I was half-awake, I do not remember well.
I felt your hand caressing my naked body.
Those caresses had excited me and my member had swelled up. So I was half-awake and it was straight. I approached from behind and rubbed it on your perfect buttocks. Slowly I began to masturbate rubbing against you.
Then I lowered it and placed it gently on your vagina. With my hand I was doing up and down and the tip of the bird was rubbing on your hot pussy. At that point I felt you were moving and getting wet.
But I did not want to penetrate you right away.
I wanted to stretch the pleasure as much as possible.
Then I took off my penis and continued to masturbate.
You were already hot and eager ...
But you remained motionless, perhaps waiting for me to take the initiative and make you enjoy.
Then slowly I began to kiss your back.
You appreciated the gesture because with one hand you caressed my shoulder.
But I knew you wanted more.
It had been several months since we had not made love and desired it.
And it felt like you were all wet.
I kissed my back after I got on the buttocks.
I caressed your perfect ass and licked it ...
Then I put a hand between my legs and slowly I raised one.
You left to do ..
Raised my leg, I could put my head between my thighs.
You sighed because you knew that a prize was waiting for you.
And in fact, I put my mouth on your pubis.
I could smell the scent of your hot and excited vagina.
I really liked this.
I opened my mouth and my tongue was anxious to find your pussy.
I immediately found the clitoris ready for me.
I licked him well making you wet even more.
Then I started working on the big lips.
I licked and sucked them by putting them in my mouth and meanwhile with both hands massaged my turgid breasts of excitement.
You were in seventh heaven and continued to get wet more and more.
You were filling the mouth of your liquid.
But I liked it and sucked it with gusto.
The taste of your pussy drove me crazy and so I licked even more passionately.
You wanted to resist as long as possible to prolong the pleasure, but I was too good ...
My tongue went deep into your vagina and you began to struggle.
You could no longer control your pleasure.
And in fact, after a few minutes you shouted and tightened your legs so tightly you risked choking me.
So you came into my mouth and I felt you mine. I felt your taste, your smell and I felt like I was home.
Your body was my home.
You were still hot and you still wanted it because you had an abstinence of many months.
So I started riding from behind and then I took you in front of me. I slipped inside you in all positions. And you moaned more and more. I felt your hot vagina that had waited my member for so long. You wanted to let yourself go and fully enjoy that night of love.
You wanted to do it without brakes.
On the other hand I could not resist much because I was really horny after a long time without feeling you.
And so I started to enjoy while you also had your second orgasm.
We came together with such an intense enjoyment that he left us without strength.
I kept sperming cum in your pussy and you felt it coming.
You hugged me and kissed me as we came.
It was incredible.
Finally we were together again.

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